The Stip Quilts

From 2005 to 2010 my friend Carolyn Hartsough and I challenged ourselves to make a series of quilts that were usually based on traditional quilts.

Once we agreed on a pattern, often from “The Quilt Engagement Calendar,” we would go shopping for an inspiration fabric, usually to go on the border,  This would take hours because sometimes it was difficult to agree. Once we had the fabric, we would make a list of stipulations, hence the nickname “stip” quilts, that we had to follow as we interpreted the quilt.  

For example, we could buy only one more fabric, or there was a minimum size, or we must use a fabric from a previous stip or we must use a fabric with fruit on it.  

Reveal days were always fun, though I usually felt that Carolyn’s quilts were more successful. I hope I’ve come to believe they’re just different. 

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